Why Can't I Lose Weight? March 14, 2015

So you want to know why you can't lose weight, right?

When people think about losing weight they are programed to think they need to eat right and exercise.

You do have to do these things to lose weight. But, there is something that is 1000 times more important you need to do first.

How many times have you started a diet plan or exercise plan and lost some weight then fell off the wagon?

I bet in most cases 3 times. Right?


It's because you get content that you made a change and tell yourself "Well, I can take a week off and eat whatever the hell I want. I'll get back on track next week."

Does that sound like you?

Guess what? You never get back on track, you tell yourself I will next week while stuffing a cupcake in your mouth.

Your not the only person that has had this diet fail. It can be fixed.

Before you start dieting or exercising you need to make a shift in your thinking. Basically you need to exercise your mind before you exercise your body.

If you don't exercise your mind you will fail every time at trying to improve your body.

I'm going to give you a secret that not alot of people know about. You can change your mind set and finally stay fit and healthy for life.